Mach and Mach

So besides New York, Paris, London and Milan Fashion Week there are actually so many other fashion weeks including Russia and there was one show in particular that really caught my eye and that is Mach and Mach.

This collection is for the fearless for sure, now please don’t forget what I am always saying try not to focus on the wildness of it all zoom in on the pieces because they are exactly what you long for in your wardrobe. 

This collection is for the empowered woman who fears nothing and has no boundaries or limits and it shows in all that she does or wears in this case.

If this duo keeps this momentum up with their designs this is a label who we will see at the bigger fashion weeks!

With Love Couture Warrior x


Dior AW Campaign!

She has helped make the brand relevant again in this über cool era since she became a brand ambassador for over 5 years now.
Since she accepted her Oscar wearing Dior but first falling in Dior she injected life back into the fashion house and so to is the new Creative Director Maria Grazia Chiuri.
 With her strong bold message that she has portrayed in this collection there really was only one lady to front this campaign and that was the ultimate modern girl who refuses to conform to Hollywoods ideology of a woman and that of course is the stunning Jennifer Lawrence.
Here are relaxed images from the new campaign.

All of a sudden as if out of nowhere Dior is relevant once again.
With Love Couture Warrior x

Victoria Beckham x Target

It’s finally here the highly anticipated Victoria Beckham collection for Target and it’s everything we hoped for and more. Although it wasn’t a catwalk collection it is still very Victoria Beckham.

What we have loved from her previous collections such as scallops and colours we are now getting the chance to wear these!!

And the more being children’s wear, these are very familiar designs which I adore 😍

This is just fantastic 👌🏽
With Love Couture Warrior x

Mui Mui Fall 2017

I’m really hoping Mui Mui gets the cold weather it’s collection is expecting 🙃

Take away the fur and we have some amazing pieces and they are finished so beautifully.

See it’s all about looking past the craziness of fashion week and you have some of the most beautiful fabrics which have been tailored and finished to exquisite levels.

With Love Couture Warrior x

Is print obsolete?

A month ago I was reading an editors note on the magazines transition from a pocket sized magazine back to A4 and it got me thinking about the era we live or should I say the tech bubble we live in! I can still remember when “Glamour” magazine became pocket size and as it seemed like such a novel idea but this was not just a fad or a novelty to drum up interest what the magazine was actually trying to do was stay alive. Tech was becoming huge and we as a consumer were spending hours commuting to and from work every week that we were catching up on all our reading on our phones and not just because we had become obsessed with our phones but because it was becoming a nuisance to carry around a large magazine that won’t fit in our handbags!! This quite frankly  was a genius move.
Fast forward years later and they are back to the original size …. I find this extremely interesting (I’m probably the only one who finds it interesting 😂). This brings me back to my original question is print obsolete…. No it’s absolutely not, in fact now more than ever it has become the luxury or treat that you can’t wait to come home to. With Vogue selling more copies of print and the successful launch of their .com site they have proved that print has a new place in our hearts as it signifies us taking time for ourselves. 

Enjoy the next time you take a bath with the latest issue of your favourite magazine.
With Love Couture Warrior x

Chanel Fall ’17

We all need a good laugh sometimes and Karl never fails to deliver as he showcased very large rocket!

I mean who doesn’t love a rocket 🚀 And the fashion wasn’t too bad either. Now usually I’m obsessed with every piece from the Chanel collections, unfortunately it wasn’t the case this time. With that being said I’m just simply not going to show you the ensembles that are not my taste.

For me it’s always about the white, the pearls and the tweed 😍 and it still amazes me how he can reinvent the Chanel “stapled” look, I mean it’s the DNA and we would be lost without it.

Karl reminds us that his collection is “other worldly or out of this world” with the theme!

Always remember focus on the pieces to get the full appreciation for the garments.
More importantly the Frow was sick, we had my fav duo Pharrel Williams and Cara Delevingne were sitting side by side.

Loving Cara’s hair it’s the exact way I had mine this time 2 years ago … so jealous 😒 Sitting with the dynamic duo was Lily Rose Depp, one of my fav muses.

Also in attendance was Rita Ora and Lily Allen.

Kisses for Karl 😘
With Love Couture Warrior x

Saint Laurent Fall 2017

The day Saint Laurent blew my mind!!! (Although it was a few days ago now 😂)
This is what it I live for .. dramatically exquisite details 👌🏽 Pounding the runway, one stride greater than the next in rhinestone boots!! 

For me it’s only when we get up close we see the true we see the impact this show will have on Fall.

When looking at this collection I picture champagne guzzling, cigarette smoking girls in a tres chic bar in central Paris having uber sophisticated conversations about their wild, unrealistic lives.

It is only when we get up close and personal with the collection we truly see the depth and beauty of the material and use of deep and lustrous colours.

Saint Laurent has transported me to a time where rules don’t apply and if your not on the guest list then you really don’t matter.
With Love Couture Warrior x

Chloe Fall 2017

Chloe is definitely the fashion house that feeds my thirst for 60’s style that has been pulled into the future. I adore Chloe as they always produce the most beautiful, feminine and youthful pieces that are just a tad more opulent than any other girl at the party!

This collection has reinforced I love of babydoll dresses but reinventing them is so many ways that we forget it is the same silhouette, and I don’t mean for that to sound like a back handed complement. The use of embroidery and chiffon gives us the finish that could only dress of in the 60’s. 

With the zibe firmly set all accessories are true to form with the black heeled brogues to the new “must have” bag of the season, I found this a very pleasant collection.

With Love Couture Warrior x

Vera Wang Fall ’17

When Vera opted out of New York fashion Week I was disappointed as she is becoming one of my favourite designers, but I soon learned the reason why and it was because she was goin to be receiving the Légion d’Honneur, France’s highest civilian honor, in Les Invalides.
With that being said, Vera said that going forward she will be looking at alternative ways of showcasing her collections, I’m not sure if this is because of how well the Fall collection was received without having to do a runway show? Maybe.

Ok let’s fast forward to the collection….. this collection just proves my point of her becoming a favourite of mine. Vera knows women’s bodies and she knows how to create electric elegance!!

In this collection we are seeing a heavy combination of masculine and feminine with layering being a main element. She drew this inspiration from her muses The emperor and his wife Josephine.

I simply call this collection Couture meets Napoleonic era.
With Love Couture Warrior x

Sass and Bide Fall 2017

This collection is most indicative of Sass and Bides essence. They drew inspiration from the Hotel Okura in Tokyo, and this is evident in the flowing silk prints. There is something very fresh and clean about the white silks with the added delicate prints.

Sass and Bide have always had a fun party feel to their designs and this collection has just those elements in it especially in their black pieces by adding these gold elements, which brings the garments to life. This was a collection of 2 definite vibes both of which were executed well.

With Love Couture Warrior x