Soon to be the new “it” girls.

With names like Delilah Belle and Amelia Gray these sisters are destined for stardom. These striking pair are the daughters of Actress Lisa Rinna and Actor Harry Hamlin. We were first introduced to them on The real Housewives of Beverly Hills where their mum Lisa is a leading lady ….. Don’t tell anyone but she is one of my favourites besides Erika Jayne that is :).




Delilah Belle the older of the two at 18 has just launched her career as a runway model with her first appearance in the Tommy x Gigi spring summer collection back in September and then she appeared in New York and Milan Fashion Week which are the holy grail of runway shows. Delilah is a social media queen boasting 260k followers on Instagram alone, it wasn’t until Elite model agency in 2016 made the call for her to be on their books that she got her real break.




Amelia Gray the taller of the two is only 15, but she has the most stunning features you could honestly look at her all day. Although her mum is keen for her Amelia to wait until she is older before she launches her career but she will mostly certainly be extremely sought after.




With their uber cool attitudes and those insanely beautiful faces there is no question they are the next millennial super model.


Look at Gigi and Bella there is a new sister act in town.



with Love Couture Warrior x





Vera Wang Fall ’17

When Vera opted out of New York fashion Week I was disappointed as she is becoming one of my favourite designers, but I soon learned the reason why and it was because she was goin to be receiving the Légion d’Honneur, France’s highest civilian honor, in Les Invalides.
With that being said, Vera said that going forward she will be looking at alternative ways of showcasing her collections, I’m not sure if this is because of how well the Fall collection was received without having to do a runway show? Maybe.

Ok let’s fast forward to the collection….. this collection just proves my point of her becoming a favourite of mine. Vera knows women’s bodies and she knows how to create electric elegance!!

In this collection we are seeing a heavy combination of masculine and feminine with layering being a main element. She drew this inspiration from her muses The emperor and his wife Josephine.

I simply call this collection Couture meets Napoleonic era.
With Love Couture Warrior x

Diane von Furstenberg Fall ’17

I am giddy with excitement at this collection and I might even be as bold to say it could very well be my favourite collection of the week because it was so left field of what I have ever known of the brand who created the “wrap dress”.

dvf 15.jpgdvf 14.jpgdvf 11.jpgdvf 10.jpg

Can we take a moment for the layering and the different patterns ….. Bold, very bold!! Ok so you wont find me in Tesco’s with one of these statement ensembles but when saturday night fever kicks in you sure will catch me on the dance floor with the bold stripes owing it.





I feel like you all know at this stage of my love for faux fur and of course DVF have delivered in spades.



This collection is very much about finishing th e entire look,  no stone was eft unturned and all is completely unified. This is surely a collection that will stand out in the DVF timeline for years to come.


With Love Couture Warrior x

Carolina Herrera AW ’17

Carolina Herrera is one of those quintessential “ladylike” fashion houses that I always imagine my walk in wardrobe being full of, once I finally decide I can no longer pull off the high fashion buzz. Back to yesterdays show there was a cleaness to the lines of this collection. Ever more delightful was the freshness of the white ensembles.

CH 1.jpg

ch 2.jpg

ch 3.jpg

Although we are seeing a different side to Carolina with this collection but the DNA was still apparent.

ch 11.jpg

ch 12.jpg

ch 13.jpg


I am really enjoying this slight more casual feel although it is anything but casual, I can most certainly see Kate Middleton weaing all of these pieces.


ch 14.jpg

ch 15.jpg

Carilna always has such a sophisticated eye for colour, not just colour but tones.

ch 56.jpg

ch 65.jpg



With Love Couture Warrior x

Victoria Beckham the person

I know you often hear me talk about Victoria Beckhams collections and New York fashion week is days away so you will for sure read my thoughts on her next collection but tonight I just wanted to draw attention to her look this season. Now obviously she is wearing her new collection, I actually don’t care I just adore how her style and sense of “self” if you will, has developed and matured. Brand VB had never been stronger and she makes you not only envy her life but envy her attitude towards life!

This first look has me longing for oversized woolly jumpers and that oxblood clutch 🙌🏽 what else can I say.

But then out of nowhere BAM 💥 colour and not just any kind of colour, we are talking bold, vibrant block colour, and as for the supposed “rules” of colour, well they were thrown out the window thank god!! 

You often hear the saying “you have the same amount of hours in a day as Beyoncé”, well I’m now going to start the expression “you have the same amount of hours in a day as Victoria Beckham” because don’t forget she has a herd of children to look after 😂

With Love Couture Warrior x

SS Trend report (pt 4)

Stripes are the order of the season with some brand doing it better than most.
The fantastic thing about the stripe print it can be interpreted anyway you want. Is it a Hamptons vibe your going for or maybe it’s the disco feeling you have it’s such a broad print to play with and it is very evident this season as each designer put their own twist on how they felt the stripe should be worn.

Plus the stripe can be very slimming once the lines are used correctly.

With Love Couture Warrior x

SS ’17 Trend report (pt 3)

Oh such sheer delight this trend is 💃🏼 Now let’s not panic this doesn’t mean walking around half naked for the next 6 months, because no one needs to see that much flesh in public.
In fact this trend is about beautiful soft Tull material that can be worn and finished in so many ways. We saw a lot of embroidery on the catwalk and layering not just of items of clothing but layering of the material itself to give a babydoll effect.


We have already seen this trend on the red carpet when Drew Barrymore wore it to the Golden Globes.

Remember this is what we call a “romantic” trend that is supposed to be feminine and delicate so don’t be afraid💕
Join me next Friday for another SS trend.
With Love Couture Warrior x

Alexandra Shulman to stand down from Vogue.

It has been announced this morning that Alexandra Shulman will in fact stand down from the most coveted position as British Vogues Editor in Chief this coming June. Alexandra was steered the magazine through its highest circulation and led it through it transition into the digital era. It is a shock to the industry to say the least as Alexandra has been in this role for 25 years. 

Alexandra said “It has been very hard to find a rational reason to leave what is unquestionably a fascinating and rewarding role but last autumn I realised that I very much wanted to experience a different life and look forward to a future separate to Vogue.”
She also was behind the first Royal cover of Katherine which she managed to hide from the BBC who spent a months filming a documentary about Vogue to their annoyance but to Vogues delight.

Her predecessor has yet to be announced.

With Love Couture Warrior x

Alex Perry 

This week I am putting the spotlight on one of Australias respected designer Alex Perry. Alex’s gowns fashion have been featured in Vogue Grazia and Hapers Bazaar to name but a few. He also has a lot of high profile clients such as Jennifer Lopez, which really for me is almost who he designs for as his design are bold with a slight touch of sexy to them. You might be more familiar with him as a judge on Australia’s next top Model.


Another fashionista who is a big fan of the designer and that’s E! Host is Giuliana Ranic. I must say she has been on my best dressed list with the two orange gowns. She has always worn his gowns so well and has style them to perfection that he never has to worry known she will be on. Red carpet with one of his babies.

Alex is very gifted at making his designs to ultimately make the look and feel like a supermodel, the shorter dresses elongate the legs and he manages to sinch in the waste by various illusions.  This is a designer at the height of career and can be safe in the knowledge he will around for a long time to come.
With Love Couture Warrior x