Ms. Minaj the Triple threat!

Nicki Minaj has flown the flag for all women for years as she has been a dominant figure in the heavyweight division of the music industry that is prominently all male and that is the rap industry. She then turned her hand at acting and of course she was not one bit fazed by it. 

She has always loved fashion and when she joined forces with Roberto Cavalli she did an amazing job ….  


So it comes as no surprise that she is now signed to the prestigious Wilhelmina modelling agency (celebrity division).
There is no stopping this lady.
With Love Couture Warrior x


Victoria Beckham the person

I know you often hear me talk about Victoria Beckhams collections and New York fashion week is days away so you will for sure read my thoughts on her next collection but tonight I just wanted to draw attention to her look this season. Now obviously she is wearing her new collection, I actually don’t care I just adore how her style and sense of “self” if you will, has developed and matured. Brand VB had never been stronger and she makes you not only envy her life but envy her attitude towards life!

This first look has me longing for oversized woolly jumpers and that oxblood clutch 🙌🏽 what else can I say.

But then out of nowhere BAM 💥 colour and not just any kind of colour, we are talking bold, vibrant block colour, and as for the supposed “rules” of colour, well they were thrown out the window thank god!! 

You often hear the saying “you have the same amount of hours in a day as Beyoncé”, well I’m now going to start the expression “you have the same amount of hours in a day as Victoria Beckham” because don’t forget she has a herd of children to look after 😂

With Love Couture Warrior x

The ultimate style Icon!

I was recently flying through my Facebook newsfeed cause I don’t have time to sit there aimlessly scrolling for hours. Anywho I saw this picture and it stopped me in my tracks I had to find out who this woman was she just ooooozed style.
Turns out I was looking at a picture of Bianca Jagger on her wedding day to Mick Jagger.


I was intrigued I had to see more. I had known she was the mother of Jade Jagger and a human rights activist but I certainly did not know of how fricken stylish this woman was. Here are some of my favourite looks and yes I would wear every single one of them!















I know I’m not on my own when I say this is how you do it !!
With Love Couture Warrior x