Victoria Beckham x Target

It’s finally here the highly anticipated Victoria Beckham collection for Target and it’s everything we hoped for and more. Although it wasn’t a catwalk collection it is still very Victoria Beckham.

What we have loved from her previous collections such as scallops and colours we are now getting the chance to wear these!!

And the more being children’s wear, these are very familiar designs which I adore 😍

This is just fantastic 👌🏽
With Love Couture Warrior x


Victoria Beckham AW ’17

It was a pleasure to watch the next step in the evaluation of this label. The matured tailoring and sophisticated lines made this one of her best collections.

This collection is redefining the signature pieces for this winter with a masculine oversized overhaul but with the feminine well placed touches whether it be the sheer blouses and cut out panels.

Her use of colour in this collection is sublime and executed very well.

This was Victoria strongest accessories collection, this to is part of the evaluation. I’ve always been a huge fan of the long leather glove so I can’t wait to wear them this winter especially pairing them an oversized woolly jumper. Of course we have the statement bag that we see the models carrying at their hips, which has become trademark way for the label. I haven’t forgotten the footwear namely the boots, there is definitely a 70’s vibe from these round toe slouchy boots which always go incredible with hemlines that hit your shin. 

We can all rest easy this winter knowing that everything is oversized with plenary of layering.

All in all a very strong collection.
With Love Couture Warrior x

Victoria Beckham the person

I know you often hear me talk about Victoria Beckhams collections and New York fashion week is days away so you will for sure read my thoughts on her next collection but tonight I just wanted to draw attention to her look this season. Now obviously she is wearing her new collection, I actually don’t care I just adore how her style and sense of “self” if you will, has developed and matured. Brand VB had never been stronger and she makes you not only envy her life but envy her attitude towards life!

This first look has me longing for oversized woolly jumpers and that oxblood clutch 🙌🏽 what else can I say.

But then out of nowhere BAM 💥 colour and not just any kind of colour, we are talking bold, vibrant block colour, and as for the supposed “rules” of colour, well they were thrown out the window thank god!! 

You often hear the saying “you have the same amount of hours in a day as Beyoncé”, well I’m now going to start the expression “you have the same amount of hours in a day as Victoria Beckham” because don’t forget she has a herd of children to look after 😂

With Love Couture Warrior x

69th Cannes Film Fedtival 

The 69th Cannes Film Festival opened with a bang today and my word the ladies put there best foot forward even Kirsten Stewart put heels on 😱

Victoria Beckham
Bella Hadid
Eva Longoria

These were my 3 favourite looks from today. 
With Love Couture Warrior x

Never doubt Vogue 

It has been talked about all over the world and I am still laughing about it! I am of course on about Victoria Beckhams Vogue China photo shoot. 

People let me break this down for you Vogue is the holy grail of fashion there is no possible way that they would ever let an image be released that had such an epic fail as missing part of a leg from photo shopping!

Editor-in-chief Angelica Cheung has finally broken her silence and has confirmed that it is a raw image and what we are seeing is the white from her underwear! She did continue by saying yes there is airbrushing but this is a raw image. Can I just add that before you think “ah ha she did have something done” we are all insecure women who add filters all the time to our photos and if you are in Vogue be sure ALL of us would want a little touch up by the gods in Vogue!!
She looks so beautiful in these playful shots.
With Love Couture Warrior x


Victoria Beckham #vbs16

I always look forward to Victoria’s collection and this is one hasn’t disappointed. Although some of the prints aren’t my cup of tea that still hasn’t turned me off. 
Here are my favourite looks from the collection….

There you have it folks it’s all about low cut tops and loose fitting material. 
With Love Couture Warrior x

Victoria Beckham Fall 2015

With New York Fashion Week well and truly underway I am excited as this is my favourite FW. Maybe it’s more my style or maybe it’s because this its the big league, either way it’s only right I do my first post on my fave gal Victoria Beckham. I have to admit I am enjoying the evolution of this brand, as every season passes we see her grow with confidence as a designer but the essence of her brand stays the same which to me is a true sign of her ability to actually produce quality collections because she’s not following the crowd or even pretending to be a designer she just is.

Keeping the hair and makeup simple and fresh (although I have a feeling this will become a huge hair trend) it tied in with the collection.




Have to say with these silhouettes I adore the fact she used boots for the whole collection, it makes the clothes wearable and realistic to go from catwalk to everyday life.




With a wide array of double breasted coats with different silhouettes this is a generous amount for one collection.



If I had to choose one piece it would be the mustard baggy culottes amazing!! I really look forward to wearing that cloud in the fall …





With Love Couture Warrior x

What will she do next!!

Well tickle me pink Victoria Beckham has teamed up with Nails Inc. to create two limited edition polishes, one Red and the other white. These polishes are a subtle nod to Japanese culture which Mrs. Beckham has spent a lot of time. This is very apparent in the names Judo Red and Bamboo White.

I don’t know about you but I will certainly be spoiling myself with one of each!!


With Love Couture Warrior x

New Store!!

The wait is finally over the long anticipated Victoria Beckham’s store has opened in London’s super chic Dover street. All her collections have finally got a place to call home. Victoria released some photos of the store earlier today..






I defiantly won’t be bring my coffee into this space!!

With Love Couture Warrior x

The Birthday Girl

She’s a designer, she’s a wife, she’s a mum and she’s just turned 40. Her name is Victoria Beckham but when she first came to our attention she was ultimately known as “Posh Spice”… When I used to sing into the mirror holding my brush for a microphone I was always Posh Spice.
Victoria soon met the love of her life David and honestly I don’t think anyone including themselves envisaged the power house couple/brand that they would become. After the Spice we started to see Victoria’s love for fashion and looking back whether we laugh at some of the looks she was ahead of the posy. It was only in the mid naughties that brand Beckham started to come into it’s own with their own perfume and many endorsement deals under their belts it was only the beginning for Mrs. Beckhams dream of becoming the fashionista she had always dreamed of becoming.20140417-123759.jpg20140417-123842.jpg20140417-123856.jpg
David might have been a master of the pitch but make no mistake Victoria was the driving force and mastermind behind the brand Beckham.

Despite all the doubters she did it she has managed not only to be the most sought after individual to photograph and can only be described as the queen of the front cover of many of the big wigs such as Vogue and Elle to name but a few but she has become a respected designer and has been welcomed into the inner circle of high end designers which is not to be taken lightly this in it’s own right is a huge achievement which most can never achieve in their life time.

She is still one of my favourite style icons and like a fine wine she has gotten better with age. Here’s to another fabulous 40 years Victoria!!!

Some of my favourite shots of Victoria… 20140417-125834.jpg20140417-125845.jpg20140417-130006.jpg











With Love Couture Warrior x